Your euro allows me to see the project alive!

After searching and searching,  going from one end to the other in Mumbai, having visited more than 3,000 places from the last three years through different ways (agents,  sale / rental housing websites, negotiating with builders, etc.) we have withdrawn. It is impossible to find a place of 400 squarefeets with a bathroom, a rear emergency door, electricity and water connection, and the permits needed te be a commercial place for less than 200,000 euros, or what would be INR 1.5 Cr (Indian currency with price).

We have no other choice but  to go to rent. This is a risky option because if the project fails, the money collected so far will be lost completely. We wanted to buy the place so that, if the project does not work, we could reuse the space for other causes, such as rehabilitating the property as being a temporary home for those who are forced to leave the orphanage, and need more time to find a decent job to pay for rental housing. The maximum salary most of them get is between 5,000 and 10,000 rupees a month, that is, between 80 and 120 euros, and the cost of renting a house in a slum ( shacks with no water connection or toilet and a super small space, one place where you find the kitchen and the bed together) is at least 3000 rupees per person, expenses not included. In this house, 3, 4 or even 5 people live together.

Thus, the rental option is the only affordable. We made a budget counting all the money recollected so far, and we could open the library-café for two years, all expenses to come considerer (decent salaris for young people hired, installation, renovatiom, purchase of tools and machinery, permits , bribes … yes, bribes, because if the bribe has not given, we don’t get the licenses, etc.). The most that we can afford are 55,000 rupees a month (750-800 euros), but a place with the minimum conditions costs between 1.25 and 1.5 Lacks (1650 -2000 euros). It’s crazy, yes. You can check it yourself entering to the renting websites (magicBricks, acres999 etc.)

IMG_20160414_163102So that,  we really believe, more than ever, that Teaming resource can solve this problem. Teaming is an online platform where you join a group and you give 1 € per month. If we achieve  500 people in the group, every month we will receive 500 euros to be entirely used to pay the rent of the property. I really appreciate all the help that we have received, which is not short at all, we are extremely pleased that we have received the response of the people. Many interviews, more than 11,000 copies of the book sold, sharing the news project via facebook, collaborations crowdfunding campaign donations … We need a little push more from each one of you , and this is one euro month (which would be a coffee per month) to make it real.

How to join? Very easy!

You go to the following website:

  1. Click on “Join to this group”

2. It will take you to a page where you have to register. Click on “I am not registered”  and complete the form: name, country, state, email, and password (you invent one). Click on “Register”

3. You’ll be sent an email to confirm that you want to join. Go to your mail, open this mail  and confirm it.

4. Select your payment method (credit card or current account / debit) and click on “Join this group

5. Enter the credit/debit card number or current bank account and agree.

and… done! Already joined!

Possible questions:

  • Can I unsubscribe? Yes, anytime, without any complication.
  • Will I pay extra taxes in this euro? No, the only payment you make per month is only 1 euro
  • Do I need to make every monthly transaction myself?No, it is automatically done, no need to worry about anything.

And besides, you will receive discounts in Groupalia, Privalia, and other online shopping platforms.

I really need your help. Every little contribution counts!

Many thanks again to continue reading, you might think I’m asking a lot, being very tiring when asking for help by funding, sending WhatsApp personally and / or in groups, sharing links via facebook, twitter, etc. but I really appreciate your help and your comprehension. Even I do all of that, I have never received a negative response, any complain. Thank you, really, for helping me, respecting me, and loving me. At the same time, I would like to ask for forgiveness, because I will carry on being so insisting till I don’t see this project alive. I really want to do something for giving the opportunity I had, the opportunity of having a home, a plate in the table, and water to keep myself clean to other people who, only for being born in an unlucky place, don’t have.

A big hug,

Sara Mampel Vallvé

Link platform teaming:


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