7nth book reprinting!

Finally we can say, proudly, that the book has been reprinted for nth time, 2000 copies of the book Bombay/Mumbai. Life is life, I am because of you in English. It was not easy, but we have all the copies in our hands right now.

We could choose making them by a professional, however, we wanted to give the opportunity to a boy who has just started up his small printing business. Amin met him through the project cards impression. After seeing that he had done a very good job, he asked him if he was Printing books, and it was then when Meet, the Printer, decided to start working in this field too.

You will see some changes from the first version because the FrontPage has been changed, thanks to Aina Pongilupi Gomila, the same one who designed all the book, ant thanks to Andy, who has edited again the book because four pages more have been added, explaining how the project has been developed till now.

We started all the procedure a month ago. We were been told that in a week we would have all the books, but it has not been like this. First of all, we took two weeks to decide the appropriate new book format. Meet was coming every two – three days to show us different formats, white or recycled pages, different heights and thickness, and the FrontPage modification according to the format chosen. I could never had imagined that this simple election would be taken in so many days.

Once we decided the format, we insisted him to bring us a demonstration book copy, because we wanted to see the final result before starting the reprinting, and not only one time, many times, we wanted to make sure that the result was the one we were looking for. He denied this possibility, so that, we agreed to go to his place once he was going to start, in order to see the book, and i fit was correct, confirm the printing procedure. In theory, in only a week more we were supposed to have the books, but as it is typical in India, the wait took two weeks more.

Suddenly, Meet went to Amin’s home and brought a book. Amin said, oh, this is the demo copy! And he said no, he had already printed all the 2000 copies. There is no way to go back, some details are not correct, but even though it has some imperfections, the result is satisfactory. We are happy and proud! It is the first time that Meet printed a book, and it has done it for a very low price in order to help us to make the project real, and furthermore, we are happy too because he showed us his learning predisposition. It is difficult to find a good professionality in this country, but we believe in the change, and to give opportunities to the ones who want to improve and grow.

Those who want to see the result and/or want to support the project via hard copy or eBook copy of the book, spreading the word, organizing talks, and so on can be in Touch with me or visit the website:


Many thank you to read all the article!!

Look how Amin has his living room wall, it looks like the wall is made by books! The boy with the denim jacket is Meet. We are proud of you!


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