Looking for a place

I could never had imagined before that looking for a place to open a Library Café would be so much difficult in Mumbai! Mumbai, the economical capital of the country, and known as the city where all dreams become true. Many people from all over India leave everything to come to the city and start up a new way, a hard, exhausting and twisted path what it becomes kind thanks to its determination and struggling towards the goal, to make their dream an existence. There are lots who came with nothing in their pockets and had streets as their home, and they achieved, after working in insalubrious jobs like recollecting rubbish, having a home or starting their own business.

Well, today we went to see three places. Our preference is to find a place in Andheri, because it is the area where Snehasadan orphanage is, the place where the boys and girls we want to employ are coming from, but the housing prices are extremely expensive, so that, we have to look for places in areas much further than wanted. South areas in Bombay are the most expensive ones, and the prices decrease according to their proximity to the northeast areas.

Due the fact of that, the first zone we went to is Dahisar, 20 km from Andheri, and once we arrived there we met an agent. We explained him in detail what kind of commercial shop we are looking for, and in only few seconds he understood our concept because he said that the place he wanted to show us has not the needed features to open a business under the law. By coincidence, he had already read about the project in a newspaper article, so he appeared to be motivated to help us finding a place according to our needs.

The second place we went to is in Bhayander, one of the most crowded areas of the city, 35 km away to Andheri. This is a place recommended by another agent who has been showing us different commercial shops since some months ago.  We can say that the trip has been a completely waste of time. The area is super dirty, plenty of acoustic pollution, contamination, and with no aspirations to catch clients, and if we talk about the construction conditions… Here you are some pictures in order to let you judge by yourselves.

The third place is in Mira Road zone. This neighborhood is very crowded too, but not as crowded as the before one. The urban planning is more organized, but the commercial place does not have the minimum requirements too. We need a place with the following conditions:

  • 420 square feet
  • Toilet
  • Emergency back door (in case of fire emergency)
  • Usable front part

In this one, they did not even know how many square feet the place has, and it has not a toilet and a chance to build an emergency back door. So that, we were forced to forget this place.

We will keep on looking, even if it is not easy at all. It is incredible how this country is considered to be the one who produces more innovation in telecommunications, but at the same time they are not able to use them in an appropriate way. How easy is for us to access in a database with pictures of all the places to be sold or rented, and choose the one according to our interest. What a privilege we have in the European society, to be able to utilize all this progress to make our lives easier. Here, even the technology is improving, the tradition, the over-population, and the poorness is overwhelming the willing to innovate.

If you want to know more about the project, please, visit this site.


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