First impressions (English)

Now, after being living in the city of Mumbai since one month ago and going up and down for different reasons related with my adaptation, I have found time to sit and start this site.

Finally, I have achieved my dream about living in India, a country that captivated my attention since the first moment I trod on it land. Frequently I have been asked the following question: what does India have to make you be so captivated? Why do you like it that much? And then my body starts being filled by trembling, a trembling produced by the insecurity and fear of not knowing exactly what to answer, how to describe the reason about this attraction to the country, but hard to believe, this same vibration is the one who describes this land. India is a vibrant country, yes, this is the word, vibrant. A country that never stops, always surprising with the unexpected, and plenty of incongruence that activates the anger, the fighting feeling because of the willing of protecting the most vulnerable, and at the same time, activates the tenderness and warmness in the small humanity details you find in the daily life.

A country where you learn how to appreciate the simple fact of listening birds every morning when waking up. I say this because even though I could listen them from my bedroom in my small village, I had never realized the value of this sound before. Nowadays in Mumbai, a city where the sound pollution is extremely high because of the horn, once I arrive home and I listen the sound of birds I can consider my place as heaven. A country where the curiosity is activated in their 100% because of it way of living, de diversity in the ways of understanding the life, and the explosion of visual, tasting, sounding and smelling stimulus.

Since I am here, my personality has been in conflict several times. I felt confused, stupid and impotent after making mistakes continuously because even a very basic thing like swapping is different. I have been angry with myself because sometimes I am not able to see the obvios of what it is just in front of me, and I felt saturated about being changing many actions that for me where very quotidian and here they are not at all. However, now I can say I have passed this first dislocation phase, I take all happening as a learning, as if I was a small girl growing up and developing her personality in the Indian society, without forgetting my roots and my origin. In only a month, I am building bridges between the two societies in order to understand where I am. The fact of being in this city for all this year produces me excitement, fascination, and curiosity, because in only a month, I feel myself completely nourished.


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